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To provide our customers with the highest quality of service and the best rates. When it comes to coverage, you can count on the professionals at Sebastian Insurance.


  • Over 25 years experience
  • Excellent customer service
  • Competitive rates
  • Right-fit Policies
  • Licensed Insurance Experts
  • Trust and Integrity
  • Local connection
  • Community Involvement


Emergency Kit Tips!


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BNI Feature of the Week!



Sean Prescott



945 Seastian Blvd # 6, Sebastian, Florida 32958

 Re/max Crown Realty has been providing services to the Sebastian and Vero Beach areas for over 20 years. They provide a full time staff of professionals who have received many awards including Executive club, 100% club production and Hall of Fame Awards.

When looking for the highest quality in real estate service you can pick Re/max Associates! Specializing in marketing vacant land, residential re-sales, rentals, new construction, commercial and land development. They will make your sale or purchase as effortless and smooth as possible.

Re/max Crown Realty’s Sean Prescott takes great pride and joy in his accomplishments. Not only in his work but the community as well. Sponsoring local events in Sebastian and Vero Beach with his fellow agents. He will work around the clock to make your experience as graceful as he can. When you choose Sean your definitely in the right hands.

He is truly your home grown realtor in Indian River and Brevard County. You can give him a call anytime and get started with your journey in real-estate without the stress and hassle.

sean prescottr

Phone: (772) 413-1320


Website: seanprescott.remax.com772-589-3054

Facebook: SeanBPrescott

Article by Megz Montalvan

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The 3 second Rule…

and we don’t mean your food…


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Prepare for a Treasure Coast Motorcycle Trip

How to Prepare for a Treasure Coast Motorcycle Trip


photo by Megz Montalvan

We live in a beautiful state one of the biggest things to do around the Sebastian and Vero Beach area is go for a nice ride. Whether it’s just up Beachside on A1A or across the state. The wind in your hair and the open road of freedom. But where do you start when planning this wonderful adventure?

Sebastian Insurance has a few tips for your next trip:

Let’s start with always packing pretty light and do a little research on where you plan to travel. You can always switch up your route but just get a general idea of the areas you’ll be around. There is many websites to help you with travel plans Harley Davidson’s ride planner is just one.

Take as many breaks as you need to. When you’re tired rest, this will definitely help ensure a safe ride. After all you’re not in a rush. This is for enjoyment.

Booking hotels before you show up is always a good idea for better rates. There are wonderful hotels with great rates around the treasure coast to stay at so this shouldn’t be a problem.

Make sure you tell friends or family members where you’re going and about when you’ll be back. This is to ensure that if anything does happen someone will know when to expect you back and report the authorities if you do not.

As I mentioned earlier to pack light, what does that really mean, one riders light packing may not be another’s. So here is a general guide:

It may be hard but stay light on the clothes, be prepared to wear the same thing for a few days. There is always laundry mats you can stop at on a nice break.

Spare Keys and emergency contact numbers. This means friends, family, roadside assistance and of course US your insurance company.

If you’re unsure about something you want to bring then just forget it. If worst comes to worst you can most likely buy it somewhere if you really need it.

One of the most crucial things to do before a trip is to make sure your motorcycle is current with all maintenance. Do a full inspection before you hit the big open road. Always carry a repair and emergency kit with you. And since you are packing a little more for a farther travel try to distribute the weight load on your bike as even as possible.



The last and most important tip we have is to make sure you have the right motorcycle insurance coverage. You can come to Sebastian Insurance for great policies that cover all your needs. We have been serving the Sebastian and Vero Beach Areas for over 25 years. We have excellent customer service that will make your insurance experience as comfortable and easy as possible. We’ll here before you go, while you’re on the road and when you get back nice a safely. Have an awesome trip and take a lot of pictures for us to see when you get home.


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Article by Megz Montalvan



BNI Feature of the Week

BNI Feature of the week

Joel Stout



“For Your Pests With More Than Two Legs”



Sandpiper Pest Control is a family run business based in Sebastian, Florida since 1998.Certified by the state of Florida to treat homes, lawns, and termites. They are fully licensed and insured so you can feel secure when you choose them. They believe in treating each customer as a person and not just another number.

From ants on the kitchen counter, cinch bugs in the lawn to termites in the wall you will receive individual attention no matter what your issue is. With friendly and knowledgeable technicians whom are always attending continuing education courses they will not only take care of your pest problems but get you more familiar with prevention and after care.

Being reasonably priced and with no contracts required for treatments you can keep them as long as you would like. They are always there to help with creepy crawlies in the Sebastian and Vero Beach area.


Their services include but are definitely not limited to:





Cinch bugs

Sod Web- worms


Exotic Pest (Special pricing)


Call now and schedule a free estimate!

Sand Piper Pest Control

 1323 N Central Avenue

 Sebastian, Florida 32958

 Telephone: 772-589-0204

Email them through their website at:

Article by Megz Montalvan

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Don’t “DIY” With Insurance…

Don’t “DIY” With Insurance…

Being Americans we love our Independence. We love to dabble in “Do It Yourself” projects all the time. From cooking to fixing appliances around our homes. Why not? Makes you feel good and most of the time can save you big bucks. That’s Excellent! But there are some things we should leave to the experts like flying an airplane, race car driving, and Insurance policies. You wouldn’t trust someone who wasn’t educated in aviation fly your airplane would you?

Today there are so many websites and toll free lines you can call to “get cheaper insurance right now” but there’s always a price. Maybe not right away of course when you do it yourself your goal is to save as much money as possible the premium may sound wonderful but how is your coverage?0068777F1_Toasted-Coconut-and-Orange-Icebox-Cookies_s4x3.jpg.rend.sni12col.landscape

Think of the first time you baked a batch of cookies, not as good as maybe say Chef Emerald. Would you want to take that chance with your Dwelling coverage? You’ll be tempted to keep this amount low. Dwelling is part of your home policy that protects you from fire, wind and hail. If a situation happens and your home becomes “uninhabitable” are you absolutely positive you’re covered. What about your possessions and other structures around your home? I wouldn’t want to take a chance. Especially in The Sebastian and Vero Beach areas come hurricane season no one should be questioning their policies. This number should be enough to rebuild your house from the ground up. That doesn’t necessarily mean the amount you paid for it either. This requires knowledge on local building cost and square footage of your home. Our agents’ are educated in this area to make sure your dwelling price is correct for you.

Another piece of the insurance puzzle is deductibles. A deductible is the amount you agree to pay towards a claim. Setting your deductible high will reduce your premium but what if you’re deductible is too high? Well you can say goodbye to your coverage. Our Agents’ will make sure your deductible isn’t too high. We don’t want you to chase those immediate savings and put your future at risk.Money House

Standard home policies usually do include some of your personal possessions. Your dwelling amount is part of this too. Your coverage is usually set to 50 and 70 percent of your limit. An example would be if you had $200,000 worth of dwelling coverage, $100,000 to $140,000 would protect your personal belongings. But what if you have some special valuables? Collectibles, Music Equipment, Jewelry Etc. Well if they’re stolen or destroyed wouldn’t you want to be completely comfortable knowing they’re covered. At our office we make sure that you’re completely covered for all of your items. Our Licensed Agents’ will help schedule endorsements and extend your coverage to where you need it.

Now on to liability. There is two different types of liability insurance that can help you if someone is injured on your property. Personal protection and Medical coverage most “Do it yourselfers” don’t realize their limits and what they really mean. With Personal liability if someone gets hurt and sues you it helps pay for legal defenses usually up to $100,000 so what happens if the case against you more than $100,000? The cookie crumbles. Medical liability is there if someone doesn’t sue and again this number is usually set low at around $1,000. We all know when it comes to Doctor visits that number can be met in no time. You will be responsible for everything over $1,000. Still have a sweet tooth for quick savings?

Another temptation for a DIY-er’s is when the beautiful day of no more mortgage comes around! There’s no law requiring you to have home insurance. But there is also no law that will help you if a robber breaks in and gets away with all of your possessions you used to make those wonderful cookies.

It’s great to do some things on your own but there is professionals out there for a reason. Sometimes you shouldn’t take the chance. Especially when that chance can wind up costing you up to or more than $100,000.

Auto, home, business, commercial, life insurance, Sabastian Insurance.

So come into our office today for a free quote. Our Agents have been serving the Sebastian and Vero Beach areas for over 25 years. Every client is unique and has different scenarios. We will make sure you get the coverage that is well suited for you with the best rates. And we don’t just do homeowners insurance. We can help you with all your insurance needs from Jewelry to Commercial Policies. Sebastian Insurance is also known for its wonderful customer service and knowledgeable agents. We can’t wait to help make your experience with insurance policies as smooth as butter. Speaking of butter why don’t you bring in that batch of cookies for us to try too!

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Megan Montalvan






Safe packing tips for your road trips!


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Check Your Fire Alarms!

An excellent way to prevent a horrible disaster from happening to you and your family would be to check your smoke alarm batteries twice a year. The best way to remember this is to do it during daylight savings.

Some information about smoke alarms:

Where do I put smoke alarms in my home?

  • You should put a smoke alarm on every floor, bedroom, and hallway outside of each sleeping area.
  • Choose smoke alarms that communicate with each other, so that if one alarm sounds they all will.
  • Place smoke alarms on the ceiling or high on the wall.
  • Only qualified electricians should install hardwired smoke alarms.

**Some fire departments will install battery-operated smoke alarms in your home at no cost!**

Contact any non-emergency fire department number in the Sebastian and Vero Beach area for more information.





Insurance in case of a fire we’ve got you covered.

In Sebastian and Vero Beach we will find you the best coverage if this disaster does happen.

We provide Coverage for Landlords and Homeowners.

Landlords can insure single- family or duplex home that are rented.


  • Loss of rent,
  • other structures
  • personal liability and medical payments to others.

Homeowner’s policy provides insurance to single-family, townhouse or duplex homes that are owner occupied.


  • Personal liability coverage and medical payments to others.
  • Loss of use of your home during a claim while it is being reasonably repaired.
  • Personal Property and Valuables.
  • Coverage for other structure


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Article by Megz Montalvan

BNI Feature of the Week!

BNI Feature of the week!


NMLS ID 812804



Seacoast Bank has been standing strong with their customers since 1926. Here In Sebastian we love Betty Lollio part of the Seacoast Bank team. Back in 2012 Seacoast was named “Company of the Year” for a business with 25 to 50 employees by the Indian River County Chamber of Commerce. Betty is part of that award! They are still company of the year to us.

Marta Schneider (far left), Children’s Home Society of Florida Indian River Advisory Board Chair and Jan Swink (second from right), Executive Director of Children’s Home Society of Florida, Treasure Coast Division, are joined by Turning Lives Around Luncheon presenting sponsor representatives of Seacoast National Bank (from left, back row) Cyn DeLee Dalton, Michelle Knight, Kim Wagner, Betty Lollio, Cathy Roberts and Ronnie Houck; and (from left, front row) Nicki Maslin, Micky Decker and Theresa Vazquez. Joining the group is guest speaker, Luis Portatalin (far right).Picture By Jamie Jackson

Marta Schneider (far left), Children’s Home Society of Florida Indian River Advisory Board Chair and Jan Swink (second from right), Executive Director of Children’s Home Society of Florida, Treasure Coast Division, are joined by Turning Lives Around Luncheon presenting sponsor representatives of Seacoast National Bank (from left, back row) Cyn DeLee Dalton, Michelle Knight, Kim Wagner, Betty Lollio, Cathy Roberts and Ronnie Houck; and (from left, front row) Nicki Maslin, Micky Decker and Theresa Vazquez. Joining the group is guest speaker, Luis Portatalin (far right).Picture By Jamie Jackson

 With the ever changing world of investing and consuming we need more convenient ways to access and manage our finances. Being the Vice President and Senior Market Leader Betty has strong leadership skills and strategies to reflect and recognize opportunities. Her knowledge will get you through your financial changes with ease. Most importantly she will make your banking experience comfortable. We all have things to worry about in our day to day lives let your banking and investing be one less thing that runs through your mind.

So if you’re looking to make your money management more pleasurable think of Betty, she will keep 4 promises and more…

“Seacoast Bank’s 4 Promises:

-Get you comfortable with the right products and the right team to serve you.

-Make your day-to-day banking simple.

-Resolve out-of-the-ordinary items responsively.

-Invest in you and your community.”

You can contact her by phone or email: 772.581.1343.

Or you can see Betty at Her Seacoast Branch :

Sebastian West

1110 Roseland Rd.

Sebastian FL 32958

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Article by Megz Montalvan

Truck Safety Tips!


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