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Insurance Checkup

Sebastian Insurance can insure your valuablesDid you get some great gifts from Santa? A new piece of sparkly jewelry perhaps? Grandma passed down her pearl necklace to you or your wife ? A new more powerful computer perhaps?

If you did get some new and valuable gifts, even if you bought them for yourself, it may be time for a check up on your insurance.Do you know that the average personal property coverage on your homeowners insurance policy will probably cover only a portion of the value  should those items be stolen? Don’t find out too late that your current insurance coverage is not adequate to protect your special belongings. Even if you currently carry the extra insurance to protect your valuables, it still might not be enough.

One of our Agents at Sebastian Insurance will be happy to come to your home, or have you come to the office, where we can make a list of all your valuables,the value of them, and research what to standard coverage for each of them could be. We can then help you determine what type of supplemental policy would serve you best. In the case of very valuable items, we may even encourage you to have them professionally appraised.

At Sebastian Insurance, we develop relationships with our clients, it’s never a numbers game for us, so it gives us no pleasure to tell someone who calls us with a claim that their policy is only going to cover a small portion of any loss. At the same time, we don’t ever want to be ones to have you pay more than you need to. So if it is a  reverse situation, one where you have begun to divest yourself of some of your valuables, is what you are facing, then you may want to decrease your supplemental policy limits.

It never hurts to be prepared. So put Insurance Checkup on your to do list for the first part of the year.

Happy New Year, from Bill and all the agents at Sebastian Insurance

Homeowners Insurance

Our Homeowners Insurance products can vary in the types of coverage they provide you and your family. At Sebastian Insurance we know that your home can be one of the most expensive items you will ever invest in. It is our mission to protect that investment. We offer homeowners insurance policies that will cover all the basics, but we also offer policies that go above and beyond the standard coverage for High Value homes. We do our best to find just the right coverage to suit your needs.

Home and Residential Insurance, Sebastian Florida No one wants to pay more for a policy than they must, but it is also important to take into account high quality features in custom homes. A standard policy may not be enough when you have invested in very high end upgrades. At Sebastian Insurance we will tailor your policy to cover those types of upgrades with what we call a high value homeowners insurance policy. There are also programs which offer a significant discount on your policy premiums if you have your home professionally fortified against extreme weather and other natural disasters.

Your home is not always a house, it may be an apartment, a duplex, or a condo.  Your property may be a valuable investment property.  It doesn’t make any difference to us what kind of home you own,  Sebastian Insurance will be there to help you with the right insurance for your situation.

If you are a real estate investor and own rental properties, Sebastian Insurance has policies that are tailored to protect not only the home, but you and your investment as well. What you pay for Homeowners Insurance will be determined by the types of coverage you choose and the amount of your deductibles. Policies can be very basic, covering just certain values, or they can be more extensive offering additional living expenses, added coverage for jewelry and electronics, medical coverage.


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The pros at Sebastian Insurance will sit down with you and discuss at length your needs and desires, and work together with you to provide you with the right policy for your situation.

Flood Insurance

During a heavy rain storm, you don’t need to live in a flood zone  to experience water damage due to flooding. While  most standard homeowners insurance policies cover some types of water damage, they do not cover damage caused by flooding. For flood damage protection, you may need to have an actual Flood Insurance policyFlood Insurance is a separate policy that must be purchased on it’s own, and we do offer Flood Insurance here at the Sebastian Insurance Agency.

Flood Insurance, Sebastian FloridaHere in Indian River County banks and mortgage lenders may require a flood insurance policy to be in place before they agree to lend on the property. For those of you without a mortgage, you may not have been informed that you should have this type of protection. If you own your home outright, and you do not currently have Flood Insurance, we strongly recommend you give us a call.

If you haven’t purchased a home yet, you should know that any home loan, but especially those backed by the government such as an FHA loan, VA Loan, equity lines of credit, and construction loans,  will typically want you to have flood insurance coverage in place.   Be sure to call us for a quote while you are shopping for your home,  so you may factor adequate flood insurance coverage  into the true cost of owning your home.  We will be happy to let you know what the law requires, and make recommendations in case you may want additional coverage against water damage.

Commercial properties can also be covered by flood insurance. To find out how much flood insurance you will need, just call one of our experienced agents at Sebastian Insurance.

Auto, home, business, commercial, life insurance, Sabastian Insurance.


Boat and Marine Insurance

Here in Indian River County we live in communities close to the water. Between the river, the ocean, and the beach, water is everywhere. It’s only natural to want to own a boat, a yacht, or watercraft of some kind. Just like the cost associated with your home, boats are a significant investment, so you need to protect them.

Boat and Marine Insurance, Sebastian FloridaInsurance policies for boats  can vary depending upon the age, size, and other factors of your craft. Our boat coverage provides a comprehensive level of basic coverage. A typical policy will cover damage to your sea going vessel, including damage to the sails if you have a sailboat, any damage to the hull, and the navigation equipment on your boat.

Sebastian Insurance also has a line of comprehensive insurance coverage for yachts. Just as a luxury home with top of the line appliances and  fixtures, may require greater insurance coverage to be fully protected,  a custom yacht can require a more extensive type of insurance coverage to offer full protection.

But we don’t just cover boats, and yachts. We also cover all manner of personal water craft. At Sebastian Insurance we offer choices, and depending upon your budget and the condition and age of your watercraft. Our Experienced Agents would be happy to take the time to discuss and layout all the different options for you.

Auto, home, business, commercial, life insurance, Sabastian Insurance.

Business & Commercial Insurance

Business Insurance or Commercial Insurance  is necessary to protect your business. Your business is your livelihood. It is what provides income for your family, keeps an income coming in for your employees, and puts money back into the local Commercial Insurance It’s important to protect you business, and we provide coverage for all sorts of  businesses and commercial enterprises.  Up and down the Treasure CoastSebastian Insurance has helped our commercial clients with insurance coverage to protect their businesses.

Call us today at 772 589 1110 to discuss your business insurance needs. Sebastian Insurance can help.

Auto, home, business, commercial, life insurance, Sabastian Insurance.

Life Insurance

Life insurance comes in a variety of coverages and plans, from whole life to term. The type of life insurance you may need in one stage of your life could be different during another period. Life insurance is an important protection to have in your financial plan should something happen to you. It can allow your family to continue on with your life plan should something happen to you or your spouse. It is a very personal decision, and because of that Sebastian Insurance and it’s representatives will spend time reviewing your goals before carefully making a plan with you for the types of life insurance that will be best for you and your family.

Auto, home, business, commercial, life insurance, Sabastian Insurance.

Automobile Insurance

Imagine life without your car or truck. Your vehicle  gets you to your job, or place of business. It takes you out to play. Then it takes you home again. Your vehicle enables much of your lifestyle. On the other side of the coin, few things we do on a regular basis, carry the risk and responsibility of operating a motor vehicle on the road today. It is for these reasons that the right auto insurance protection is essential for your piece of mind.

Auto and Car Insurance, Sebastian FloridaIt is critical to protect your investment and also to protect your family against the costs of an accident. At Sebastian Insurance we work with you to find a balance between what your budget is, and what type of coverage our carrier can offer you, from repair, to replacement collision Insurance coverage. We offer auto lease coverage in case your car needs repairs after an accident.

When you choose Sebastian Insurance to help you with your auto or motorcycle insurance we can offer you policies that have a wide variety of coverage.  Sebastian Insurance works with companies offering a wide spectrum of products from the most basic, to those who offer specialized products for exceptional cases.
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Sebastian Insurance company places our policies with companies who offer knowledgeable underwriters, extended transportation, plus extra coverage that may also cover towing and labor, plus we can offer guaranteed lifetime repairs if they are done by an approved shop.
Call us at Sebastian Insurance and we will help you to find the very best insurance solutions for you and your vehicles.

Auto, home, business, commercial, life insurance, Sabastian Insurance.

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Auto, home, business, commercial, life insurance, Sabastian Insurance.