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Watercraft Coverage

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Hot sun and warm water are the norm for us here on the Treasure coast. Especially during the summer months we love to enjoy the rays out on the sandbar and the beautiful beaches of Sebastian and Vero. If you don’t already have your very own boat or watercraft maybe your thinking about purchasing one. Either way its always a good idea to get yourself covered.

Here at Sebastian Insurance you can get your own policy for your vessel or add it on to your home owners insurance. We can help you decide which is better for you at the best rate.

 You may not be required to have boat insurance but it is always a good idea. It can help with an accident if you’re on or off the water. Certain situations you may never have though about could be tragic and expensive. We want you to always feel at ease while you enjoy the time with your family and friends.
A few for instances where being covered can help:
Fuel Spills – The environmental impact from a boating mishap that results in a fuel spill could be costly. For example, if you own a 39-ft. cabin cruiser that holds 300 gallons of gas and you wreck it in a state park, authorities may hold you responsible for the fuel cleanup. If you have a boat insurance policy, you may be covered for this type of damage. If not, you could be held responsible for paying the cleanup costs out of pocket.
Noncontact Accidents – You may be responsible for your boat’s wake, so if the wash that comes out of your boat when you’re boating causes a wave that capsizes another boat, you could be liable for damage to the other boat.
Protection Off the Water – Even if you’re not boating, your boat insurance works for you. Let’s say your boat is stored at a marina in the off season. Several situations could occur  your boat falls off the jackstands and clips another boat, your fuel tank leaks, your boat catches fire, etc. In all of these situations, having boat insurance could benefit you because the damage you cause to other property would be covered. Without boat insurance, you may have to pay for damages out of pocket if no other parties were at fault and/or no other coverages applied.
We can help you decide the best policy for you without any confusion and hassel. Give us a call or stop by for a free quote today!


1715 Fleet Society Commemoration Week

This week the Sebastian chamber of commerce is getting together for the 300th anniversary of the plate fleet in 1715.  Join us for tours around the Sebastian / treasure coast area. With educational gatherings about the Spanish fleet. July 26th to August 2nd! Check the Sebastian chamber of commerce website for more details about the 300th anniversary of the 1715 fleet society commemoration week!

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Summertime Grilling!


Its the summer here on the treasure coast! The weather is sizzling just like our grills!

Hot dogs and Hamburgers are the sign of summer. Back yard barbecues created wonderful memories with family and friends.

We must always keep in mind though that when your grilling you are literally playing with fire. Its easy for a great memory to turn into something scary. From burn injuries to damage to your home.

Here are some tips to help make sure you only cook the burgers on the grill.

Whether you prefer gas or charcoal, you should keep your grill on a level surface, away from any thing that is flammable (bushes, palm trees, fences, etc.). Never take your grill indoors! Carbon monoxide fumes are deadly. Also never leave your grill unattended or around children at play.


For our Charcoal lovers you should never add lighter fluid directly to hot coals. A flame can travel up the stream and burn you. You should also never use gasoline or kerosene to start your charcoals. Use flame -retardant mitts or long handled tongs, coals can reach up to 1,000 degrees. You can find these supplies all at our local Walmart or Home Depot here in Sebastian or Vero Beach. When your grilling is done you want to allow the ashes to cool for at least 48 hours before disposing in a non combustible container.


Gas Grills are another choice for making delicious summer meals. Before you start to cook check for leaks in hoses. Turn on your grill and apply light soapy water to the hose if there is a leak bubbles will release. Once you turn the grill off the bubbles should stop and you can call a professional to service it. If you turn the propane take off and bubbles continue make a call to your local fire department.

If your in the middle of cooking and start to smell gas remove yourself from the grills surrounding area and call the fire department. Never move your grill!

You do not want to keep propane filled tanks in your car or tuck. We live in Florida our vehicles get extremely hot and this is a serious danger. Make sure your last stop on the way home is to refill your grills tank. When storing propane tanks make sure they’re in an upright position and never indoors.

From all of us at Sebastian Insurance , happy grilling and stay safe!

Article by Megz Montalvan

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Repair Estimates, Know the steps…

Auto and Car Insurance, Sebastian Florida

Here at Sebastian Insurance we want to make all the steps with insurance more comfortable. You know you can always call and rely on us to answer any of your questions to help you through easy or difficult situations. Insurance can be confusing and our agents will help you understand.

Something that we can help you through is when an accident happens, big or small, we are there to help guide you through the steps.

It happens to all of us at one point in our life or another. Here in Sebastian and Vero Beach we get the lovely summer thunder storms. 10 minutes of torrential down pours is all it takes for an accident to happen. Or maybe at a snug gas station someone pulls up a little too close. A shopping cart at Walmart decides to have a date with your brand new car. You can call us and we will guide you to get everything taken care of. One of the biggest headaches  after an accident occurs is that your vehicle needs to be repaired and that all begins with an estimate.


Estimates are exactly that. Estimating the cost to safely repair your vehicle before you were in an accident. This can vary depending on labor rates, parts, and time to perform certain repairs. This breaks down to the initial estimate, supplemental and agreed price.

Initial estimate

The first step after an accident is to get your car, motorcycle, or vessel to a repair shop. A claims representative though your insurance company prepares the initial estimate so repairs on your vehicle can start. They will guide you through the choices you have to fix your car.  You can choose to let everything go through the company and they will handle everything for you, they will choose the shop for you. If you choose not to go that route you can bring your car to a repair shop in your network or to your favorite mechanic even if its out of the network.

Supplemental Estimate

When your vehicle is being repair there is a chance the mechanic may find additional damage. This is when your insurance company will step in to “re-inspect”. This is not unusual. When an accident happens somethings can not be seen during the original estimate, they cannot be physically seen from the outside. If this occurs your representative and auto shop will review the damage again together and make changes as needed for an appropriate estimate.

Agreed Price

Insurance companies write estimates based upon parts and labor cost for the repair of the vehicle. If for some reason the mechanic who fixed the car has a higher rate than your representative has come up with they will discuss the difference and work on a fair agreement. Having the insurance company there to keep you informed of all the repairs every step of the way to keep you stress free. Having an accident is enough so you don’t need to worry about anything else.

The most important part is that everyone is safe and healthy after an accident. We are also there for you if you not only your vehicle was hurt.

Contact us if you would like more information of the Repair Process.

Article by Megz Montalvan

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Blue Water Open Sebastian FL

We are proud to have been a sponsor of the Blue Water Open Offshore Charity Fishing Tournament this year. The event took place at Capt Butchers in Sebastian and had an amazing turn out. All profits went to the Prevention of Child Abuse and support for other youth activities. We sponsored the vessel “Jen’s Revenge” and Amanda Merrill won the Lady Angler award for catching a 27lb. King Fish. Congratulations Amanda! We hope everyone had a wonderful time. We want to thank you for showing your support for such a great cause.

Amanda Merrill Lady Angler 27lb king fish

Amanda Merrill Lady Angler 27lb king fish


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Emergency Kit Tips!


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BNI Feature of the Week!



Sean Prescott



945 Seastian Blvd # 6, Sebastian, Florida 32958

 Re/max Crown Realty has been providing services to the Sebastian and Vero Beach areas for over 20 years. They provide a full time staff of professionals who have received many awards including Executive club, 100% club production and Hall of Fame Awards.

When looking for the highest quality in real estate service you can pick Re/max Associates! Specializing in marketing vacant land, residential re-sales, rentals, new construction, commercial and land development. They will make your sale or purchase as effortless and smooth as possible.

Re/max Crown Realty’s Sean Prescott takes great pride and joy in his accomplishments. Not only in his work but the community as well. Sponsoring local events in Sebastian and Vero Beach with his fellow agents. He will work around the clock to make your experience as graceful as he can. When you choose Sean your definitely in the right hands.

He is truly your home grown realtor in Indian River and Brevard County. You can give him a call anytime and get started with your journey in real-estate without the stress and hassle.

sean prescottr

Phone: (772) 413-1320


Website: seanprescott.remax.com772-589-3054

Facebook: SeanBPrescott

Article by Megz Montalvan

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The 3 second Rule…

and we don’t mean your food…


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Prepare for a Treasure Coast Motorcycle Trip

How to Prepare for a Treasure Coast Motorcycle Trip


photo by Megz Montalvan

We live in a beautiful state one of the biggest things to do around the Sebastian and Vero Beach area is go for a nice ride. Whether it’s just up Beachside on A1A or across the state. The wind in your hair and the open road of freedom. But where do you start when planning this wonderful adventure?

Sebastian Insurance has a few tips for your next trip:

Let’s start with always packing pretty light and do a little research on where you plan to travel. You can always switch up your route but just get a general idea of the areas you’ll be around. There is many websites to help you with travel plans Harley Davidson’s ride planner is just one.

Take as many breaks as you need to. When you’re tired rest, this will definitely help ensure a safe ride. After all you’re not in a rush. This is for enjoyment.

Booking hotels before you show up is always a good idea for better rates. There are wonderful hotels with great rates around the treasure coast to stay at so this shouldn’t be a problem.

Make sure you tell friends or family members where you’re going and about when you’ll be back. This is to ensure that if anything does happen someone will know when to expect you back and report the authorities if you do not.

As I mentioned earlier to pack light, what does that really mean, one riders light packing may not be another’s. So here is a general guide:

It may be hard but stay light on the clothes, be prepared to wear the same thing for a few days. There is always laundry mats you can stop at on a nice break.

Spare Keys and emergency contact numbers. This means friends, family, roadside assistance and of course US your insurance company.

If you’re unsure about something you want to bring then just forget it. If worst comes to worst you can most likely buy it somewhere if you really need it.

One of the most crucial things to do before a trip is to make sure your motorcycle is current with all maintenance. Do a full inspection before you hit the big open road. Always carry a repair and emergency kit with you. And since you are packing a little more for a farther travel try to distribute the weight load on your bike as even as possible.



The last and most important tip we have is to make sure you have the right motorcycle insurance coverage. You can come to Sebastian Insurance for great policies that cover all your needs. We have been serving the Sebastian and Vero Beach Areas for over 25 years. We have excellent customer service that will make your insurance experience as comfortable and easy as possible. We’ll here before you go, while you’re on the road and when you get back nice a safely. Have an awesome trip and take a lot of pictures for us to see when you get home.


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Article by Megz Montalvan



BNI Feature of the Week

BNI Feature of the week

Joel Stout



“For Your Pests With More Than Two Legs”



Sandpiper Pest Control is a family run business based in Sebastian, Florida since 1998.Certified by the state of Florida to treat homes, lawns, and termites. They are fully licensed and insured so you can feel secure when you choose them. They believe in treating each customer as a person and not just another number.

From ants on the kitchen counter, cinch bugs in the lawn to termites in the wall you will receive individual attention no matter what your issue is. With friendly and knowledgeable technicians whom are always attending continuing education courses they will not only take care of your pest problems but get you more familiar with prevention and after care.

Being reasonably priced and with no contracts required for treatments you can keep them as long as you would like. They are always there to help with creepy crawlies in the Sebastian and Vero Beach area.


Their services include but are definitely not limited to:





Cinch bugs

Sod Web- worms


Exotic Pest (Special pricing)


Call now and schedule a free estimate!

Sand Piper Pest Control

 1323 N Central Avenue

 Sebastian, Florida 32958

 Telephone: 772-589-0204

Email them through their website at:

Article by Megz Montalvan

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